Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Waiting out the retrogression

While waiting out the retrogression, now is the best time to complete all your documents, get the NCLEX done (if you haven't done so), and perhaps earn some work experience (if you're not employed yet). Although not all employers in the U.S. require experience, it'll be good to boost your own confidence especially if you're a young fresh graduate.

Don't let the retrogression get you down, the worldwide nursing shortage won't be gone in a day. Read this story, for instance, of a hospital in Southwest Florida which is contemplating international recruitment efforts.

An excerpt from the article, reads:
International recruitment. Lee Memorial brought in 54 nurses from India who were under contract with Southwest Florida Regional Medical Center and Gulf Coast Hospital before Lee Memorial purchased those two facilities. If the nurses work out — and by all appearances they are — Lee Memorial might again look overseas for staff.

Other data to think about:
Hospitals around the U.S. had 116,000 nursing vacancies as of December, according to the American Hospital Association;
The journal, Health Affairs, projects a 340,000 nurse shortage by 2020;
To keep up with Florida's growing population, hospitals and other health-care organizations will have to find 36,428 new nurses within the next seven years.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a licensed Medical Technologist, do I still need to declare in my NCLEX application about that and do I still need to submit my Med Tech TOR, diploma and PRC license ?. Thanks

Geoff said...

You should always declare any previous education when you're applying for registration, not just in the US, but also for other countries.

Which US state are you applying for? Each state will have their own requirements and you have to comply with that.

In Illinois, for example, they need the CES Report and for that you have to submit educational records, including TOR and diplomas. Your PRC license is not required, unless you plan to apply as a Med Tech in the US in the future. In this case, you'll have to research the reqt's for Med Tech registration.

Typically, you'll need to submit your TOR from each school you attended, but Philippine schools integrate all records in just one TOR, so we don't need to submit separate TORs. Just request your last nursing school to send your TOR to the State BON.

Geoff said...

Let me clarify my earlier comment.. You don't need to submit authentication for your Med Tech license...

Anonymous said...

Thanks po

Anonymous said...

hi! i applied for the CES report, and i am not licensed RN here in the Phil. i already informed cgfns thru a letter that i dont hold a license but they keep asking me for the license validation form. what should i do?

Geoff said...

Just keep reminding that you don't have a license.

Have they specifically sent you a letter asking for your license validation form? The CGFNS is a very strange animal and they don't always update their records.

My advice, just keep reminding them about your status. No need to worry about anything.

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