Thursday, January 31, 2013

Over 16,000 Pass Dec 2012 Philippine Nurse exam

Some 16,908 nurse applicants passed the Nurse Licensure Examination held last December 2012 by the Board of Nursing of the government regulatory commission. A total of 49,066 applicants took the test conducted by the Philippine Regulatory Commission, for a passing rate of a little over 34%.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Petiks Time

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// News // Canadian regulators to implement NCLEX-RN Exam in 2015

Nursing registration applicants to Canada will begin taking the NCLEX-RN examination starting Jan 2015, says the Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators.

A one day educational conference in April this year is planned to allow educators and regulators to learn more about the NCLEX-RN program, which will be used as the basis for entry to practice in the nation.

Volunteers are also being called upon to help develop the NCLEX exam bank.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

// Opinion // Choosing Prudence

With so much economic turmoil in the US, many wonder if internationally educated nurses could still reach their dream of working in the US. While it isn't impossible, it's extremely difficult to find work and get an appropriate visa to be able to work there at this time.

Applying for a US RN license is very costly and the uncertainty of landing a US job makes the gamble doubly risky.

My personal advice would be to choose prudence in light of these current circumstances. Rather than throwing money in the wind, focus on building up on experience, nursing knowledge and improve communication skills. Get a graduate degree (a Masters, would suffice) and specialize in either Critical Care or Emergency Nursing--just these two. If you do these, doors will eventually open up to you.

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// How to // Getting an RN license in Illinois

A lot of people continue to read our blog because of our comprehensive overview of the application process for nursing license registration in the state of Illinois. But many wonder if the information is still the accurate.

Much of the information is still correct. Some of the experiences may have changed like when you're getting fingerprints from the NBI or getting license verification from PRC. Perhaps phone numbers may have changed or even contact persons. But the requirements have stayed very much the same.

Click the following link to see the Requirement for an Internationally Educated Nurse seeking registration in Illinois.

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