Sunday, September 30, 2007

A great read

Here's one of the best position articles I've read on the issue of nurse migration, particularly about Filipino nurses migrating to the US. Everyone please take time to read this and pass it on if you must.

Here's a link to the article written by Joseph Curran:
Open Letter to President Carter

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The wait continues

Perhaps many of the repeat visitors of this blog have been disappointed over the past few weeks largely due to my failure to post new information on my blog. Please accept my apologies. I suppose all bloggers on the Internet have hit some kind of quiet period once or twice or more in their online careers. These past few weeks have taken much away from my time working on my young blog. I hope you would understand my dear friends.

Scanning through some of the Web's pages, I found an interesting link:

There's a GMAnews report about 21 Filipino nursing students who staged a protest rally earlier in the day to call for equal rights among Japanese nurses and Filipino nurses who could be deployed in Japan once a treaty between Japan and the Philippines becomes ratified.

It was a bit confusing to read this piece of news. The news writer says that the student nurses were against the ratification and yet he failed to say exactly why they were against it. The news source (or the person interviewed by the writer) said the treaty would make Filipino nurses commodities for sale and yet there was nothing cited about the contents of the treaty that supported this claim. The report also said Filipino nurses must be treated equally as Japanese nurses. Again there was no evidence that the treaty will fail to protect the interest of Pinoy nurses. Although if we look at current policies in Japan, they do tend to treat aliens in their country as second class citizens, but this still requires further investigation. If being required to speak the Japanese language or to pass their licensure exam before being able to work in Japan is an unfair policy, then Gloria Arroyo should continue to sit as President beyond 2010 because we just love to be unreasonable.

My ramblings here are neither meant to put judgment on the motives of the protesters or their reasons for taking the streets, nor am I calling for the quick ratification of the treaty. It is just that news stories like this one give me a migraine like those articles I've had to edit in a past life.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

A little help from WSJ

The failed push for an immigration reform law in the U.S. Senate cast a gloomy shadow over other immigration-related legislation, including the Strive Act, which seeks to give, among others, visas to foreign nurses to work and live in the U.S. Since many legislators have declined to touch the topic of immigration, it's good news indeed that one of the influential newspapers, the Wall Street Journal, in the U.S. have adopted the cause to enable the entry of foreign nurses as a short-term solution to the growing nursing shortage crisis.

Here's a link to an editorial published on Sept. 12 in the WSJ. The link is from a post in the Hammond Law Group blog.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Books for NCLEX review

There are many books that you can use to review for the NCLEX-RN test, but here are some books that were very useful when I studied for my own U.S. licensure exam:

1. Kozier's Fundamentals of Nursing - always useful whether for local or the U.S. NCLEX. It's important that you know your basics.

2. Saunder's Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination - finish reading the entire book and then try to answer the entire set of questions in the accompanying CD-ROM. When answering questions and you get stymied by a difficult question, go back to the book and study the topic again. This is a very good routine when studying and it improves retention.

3. Saunder's Q&A Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination - Use this book together with the Comprehensive Review to look up answers to questions you have difficulty answering. It has a CD-ROM companion which contains basically the same questions as in the book.

4. LaCharity's Prioritization, Delegation & Assignment - Perhaps the most important book you'll ever need to study about prioritization and related topics. This collection of practice exams teaches you the process of answering prioritization questions, but it is imperative that you have the basic knowledge about nursing skills, responsibilities, and patient needs. Use Saunder's Comprehensive Review book together with this workbook.

5. Kaplan's NCLEX reviewer on CD-ROM is also a good review material to have.

To see details of these books, just click on the links. You can purchase them from local bookstores, particularly at National Bookstore and my favorite C&E Bookstore. These books are in high-demand so call C&E to check if the books are in stock. There are copies being sold near the PRC compound in Morayta but don't expect the print quality to be as good.

For those who want the original books and who may not be able to purchase from local bookstores, you can buy them from Filipino Nursing Herald's Amazon Associates store. Some second-hand books are also available from Amazon's Web site.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Reviving immigration reform in the U.S.

The U.S. Congress, particularly the House of Representatives has revived the debates on immigration issues in the U.S. through the STRIVE Act. The Subcommittee on Immigration held its hearing on the proposed bill last Sept. 6.

I've been trying to find out if anything significant came out from that first hearing, but have found little news so far. It's still too early to tell what will come out of this new effort to put in place a new US immigration law but I'll keep this site updated on news about the proposal when they become available.

Some links to stories:
Statesman Journal
OC Register

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Registration schedule for newly-passed RNs

Here's the registration schedule for nurses who just passed the June 2007 board exams. (Thanks, Noel, for sharing this with us.)


A JOSE, Mona Rhina -- ALVARADO, Julie Ann (October 17)
ALVARADO, Maria Concepcion -- BACONAWA, Maria Cristina (October 18)
BACOS, Mardion May -- BERNAL, Valerie Joy (October 19)
BERNALDEZ, Cheyne Riz -- CALILONG, Ma. Corina (October 22)
CALILUNG, Jenny Pearl -- CHUA, Jay Anne (October 23)
CHUA, Jay-ann -- DAZA, Caridad (October 24)
DAZO, Mary Catherine - DITONA, Paula Marie (October 25)
DIUMANO, John Reynel - FACUNDO, Joanna Filipina (October 26)
FACUNLA. Gracelle Fatima -- GATBONTON, Vianca Mae (October 29)
GATCHALIAN, Alvin -- IGLESIA, Ma. Leonora Buna (October 30)
IGLESIAS, Viviel -- LAURENTE, Emil John (October 31)
LAURENTE, Ma. Therese Lonica -- MAGGAY, Pablito Benjamin II (Nov 2)
MAGHAMIL, Gilda Marilou -- MEDRANO, Jean S. (Nov 5)
MEDRANO, Joan May Aiza -- NG, Ruby Anne (Nov 6)
NGAN, Regina -- PANGAN, Maria Aromin (Nov 7)
PANGAN, Mariam -- QUESADA, Francis Leo (Nov 8)
QUESEA, Mark Koeman -- RODRIGO, Oliver Gil (Nov 9)
RODRIGO, Ralph -- SARMIENTO, Erin Kristelle (Nov 12)
SARMIENTO, Evelyn -- TALON, Gerard James (Nov 13)
TALON, Ma. Cecilia -- VALDEZ, Kelvin Jerick (Nov 14)
VALDEZ, Kenny Louie -- Zuiga, Marie Bernadette (Nov 15)

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