Sunday, September 30, 2007

The wait continues

Perhaps many of the repeat visitors of this blog have been disappointed over the past few weeks largely due to my failure to post new information on my blog. Please accept my apologies. I suppose all bloggers on the Internet have hit some kind of quiet period once or twice or more in their online careers. These past few weeks have taken much away from my time working on my young blog. I hope you would understand my dear friends.

Scanning through some of the Web's pages, I found an interesting link:

There's a GMAnews report about 21 Filipino nursing students who staged a protest rally earlier in the day to call for equal rights among Japanese nurses and Filipino nurses who could be deployed in Japan once a treaty between Japan and the Philippines becomes ratified.

It was a bit confusing to read this piece of news. The news writer says that the student nurses were against the ratification and yet he failed to say exactly why they were against it. The news source (or the person interviewed by the writer) said the treaty would make Filipino nurses commodities for sale and yet there was nothing cited about the contents of the treaty that supported this claim. The report also said Filipino nurses must be treated equally as Japanese nurses. Again there was no evidence that the treaty will fail to protect the interest of Pinoy nurses. Although if we look at current policies in Japan, they do tend to treat aliens in their country as second class citizens, but this still requires further investigation. If being required to speak the Japanese language or to pass their licensure exam before being able to work in Japan is an unfair policy, then Gloria Arroyo should continue to sit as President beyond 2010 because we just love to be unreasonable.

My ramblings here are neither meant to put judgment on the motives of the protesters or their reasons for taking the streets, nor am I calling for the quick ratification of the treaty. It is just that news stories like this one give me a migraine like those articles I've had to edit in a past life.

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