Monday, February 23, 2009

Getting back

After an extended period of time, I am finally able to write again on this blog. To those who've been generously clicking their way to this site from time to time, I offer you my gratitude and also, my apologies for not living up to your expectations and updating more often. Even after being on hiatus, this site still gets a couple of messages, mostly from people needing information about NCLEX test applications and job opportunities, and also from a few people who've stopped by just to say, they appreciate this site. To everyone, thank you for viewing this blog.

I would say that I have been overwhelmed by work, whether online or offline, in these recent times. These are difficult times so we all have to our own share of work. The fun part about work though, is it ends everyday. Of course you start work again the next day, but it doesn't consume you 24 hours a day. I should have spent part of that free time writing here, but I have been having so much fun "having fun outside the Internet world" that I've completely neglected this blog.

I have fun keeping this blog up, too. So, I will try to upload more information here when I can. I seek your patience if I am too slow at times in answering questions but I will try my best to get the information needed.

*****Personal Note******

Times are bleak, but things are getting done everyday. I realize that I sound so cryptic, I just don't want to come off as too negative. Opportunities still abound for nurses, whether at home or abroad. But like all else, it takes a certain waiting period. While waiting, some people turn to different jobs or take training programs to hone their skills and buff up their resumes.

Legislation in the US continues to move and opportunities abound for nurses in Canada, Middle East and other parts of the world. Although, it takes a little bit of time for you to realize that goal, don't stop aspiring for it.

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