Monday, July 2, 2007

Moore's Sicko documentary ignites new U.S. healthcare debate

Michael Moore's latest documentary, "Sicko" has begun showing in U.S. theaters and it's been fueling debates about the country's healthcare policies. In a letter posted by Moore on his Web site, he says that the movie is on track to have the second largest opening weekend for a documentary in the history of the movies! ("Fahrenheit 9/11" was first.)

The film, which delves primarily on how terrible the U.S. government has handled healthcare for Americans, hopes to effect change in the healthcare industry. Supporters of the movie are batting for a couple of pending bills in the U.S. Congress that seek to improve America's current healthcare situation, and we're hoping that somewhere in that hoolabaloo, a legislation allowing the continued entry of foreign-educated nurses would also surface.

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