Friday, July 6, 2007

Nursing in France

I've gotten good feedback aboout nursing in France, but to be able to qualify for a nursing license, you'd have to speak fluent Frenchfirst.

I had two semesters of French back in college in UP (my first course was Journalism in Diliman), but I can't speak one complete sentence in French anymore. Actually, I had two semesters of French (10 and 11) and two semesters of Spanish (1 and 2), but the only words I remember are Lo siento and Désolé and I can't even tell which is French and which is Spanish!

I'll post more about nursing in France later.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nursing in France? FAT CHANCE! Frankly, one dreams only when outside of france, but once inside the country... one's eyes (I hope) starts to be opened about the absolutely diff govt system & bureaucracy....

The french government don't recognize foreign nursing diplomas outside EU! as in, even american nurses are not recognized here! (oh well, most french dislikes americans anyway!)

You either go back to nursing school in France, which takes about 3 yrs, but before that you have to speak, read & write very good in french plus on medical french terminologies of course. And before you can even be admitted for a nursing school, you still have to prepare for a sort of entrance exam, called "concours" because each school for each year , there's only limited number of students admitted, like 2000 applicants and only 250 are in! plus then the tuition fees, in euros of course! then the board exam after the 3 yrs.. the in betweens???

You can do the VAE they call it, "Validation des Acquis et Expérience" to be a Nursing Aide or better called "Aide-Soignant(e)"... write to specific govt office which deals with such..have your credentials & experience evaluated by a board, by passing oral, written and practical exam before a board in french of course. This can only happen if you have been approved & scheduled by the board if they deem that you are "qualified" for the VAE, which takes months & months of course, and take note that all your papers submitted to them must be translated in french, the cost per page???? 25 euros, more or less..

OH WELL, in short, its really fat chance , I'd Say! and by the way, even the french themselves have a hard time about their language specially in writing... so how much more for a foreigner??

AND to top it all.. the RACISM, not just by the french themselves but from the other EU citizens you'll be meeting, or from the Arabs & Africans... but of course, there's some people nice too! buff!

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