Monday, July 2, 2007

Nursing jobs in Canada, Spain, Australia, New Zealand

ABS-CBN's Bandila reports that work opportunities for nurses are currently available in Canada, Spain, Australia at New Zealand.

We've earlier blogged about opportunities in New Zealand and Australia, but it's also good news to hear about new opportunities for Filipino workers in Canada and Spain.

Canada is busy preparing for the 2010 Winter Olympics, that's why they're inviting seasonal workers to help build the infrastructure needed for the Games. Aside from construction workers (heavy equipment operators, welders, painters, etc.), they're also looking for cooks, hotel workers, truck drivers and even people who'd work restaurants and fast food chains.

Around 600 nurses are needed in the city of Saskatchewan in Canada. You can get more information on beautiful Saskatchewan here.

Aside from caregivers, nurses and engineers are also being invited to apply for jobs in Spain, the Philippines' former colonial master. To qualify for a job in Spain, applicant need to learn-spanish.

Nurses in Spain earn about 1,100 euros, according to the POEA.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...


Don't even think about it unless you are desperate!

Come to think of it, spanish nurses are even flying & flocking to UK & France, even in US & Canada, precisely because the pay is not good in relation to cost of living and taxes, etc...

And I mean the RACISM? Its all there...

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