Friday, July 27, 2007

Leakage mars Canadian nursing licensure exam

Canadian authorities have begun investigations of a security breach in its own nursing licensure exam in June. Questions that were part of the licensure test were leaked days before the exam was conducted, according to a report by

Officials of the Canadian Nursing Association said only questions in the short-answer part (fill-in-the-blank) were compromised. These short-answer questions comprise 15% of the entire test, while multiple choice questions make up the rest of the day-long exam, which had 250 questions in all.

Some 5,300 candidates took the nursing test, which is a requirement for licensure in Canada.


I'm eagerly awaiting how CGFNS will react to this scandal, which strikes so much resemblance to the Philippines' own leakage controversy. Canadian authorities contend that those who passed the exam are qualified nurses, despite being scored based only on the multiple-choice portion of the test, a strategy which our own PRC employed--scoring candidates based on the questions that were not leaked. The CGFNS still reacted harshly to Filipino candidates and I'm wondering if it would be consistent and impose the same restrictions on Canadian nurses who took the leak-tainted test.

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