Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Waiting for the June 2007 Philippine Nurse Licensure Exam results

The anxiety of waiting for the results of a major test, like the June 2007 Philippine Nurse Licensure exam, builds up when you expect that an announcement would come out soon. As the days draw nearer to a target date or a day that you'd expect the results to be published, the tension gradually intensifies. Some people cope adequately, while others lose sleep, lose appetite, and even, sometimes, lose their mind. (I'm exaggerating.)

The Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC), which administers the nursing licensure test, earlier said results for the June 2007 board exams would be available by the middle of August. I assume that's from Aug. 15 onwards, or about two months after the exams were conducted in various parts of the country.

Throughout the history of PRC, they've been terrible at calculations and predictions. Of course, you have to marvel at their efficiency and speed when processing license tests for master plumbers, foresters, and certified mill foremen. But one has to wonder if they use a different abacus or crystal ball when predicting release dates for results of nursing and teacher tests.

When I took the boards, the PRC's calculations were off and the results came out a month later. Never mind that there were about 40,000 or so examinees then, but an efficient agency would have known that years ahead and made adjustments. That's where planning comes in. If you think about it, the PRC ideally should be the most efficient of all regulatory agencies in the country. Why shouldn't it be? You've got all the country's best and brightest professionals as members.

Well, alright, there are over 78,000 nursing applicants that took the test last June. But they knew that even before the first nursing graduate applied for the test.

Hopefully, the PRC doesn't overshoot so much its target of releasing the results by mid-Aug. With a delay in the results, they're turning Labor Secretary Arturo Brion into a Madam Auring copycat, complete with the wayward prophecies. Didn't he announce earlier that the results for the June 2006 retakers would come out three weeks after the board exam?

NEXT: In my next post, I'll give some suggestions about what you can do while waiting for the results of the June 2007 nurse licensure exam.

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Anonymous said...

The agony of waiting is really draining especially when you cannot guage your chances, unlike in my first course board exam, after the exam I already knew that i passed, its just a matter of knowing what score I got. The June Nurse Licensure exam was really headbreaking, I thought that the BON are really genius people to prepare such an exam but when I started reading NCLEX reviewers, I was really surprised to encounter some questions that appeared in the local board, as in word for word! To the BON..... you are nothing but a second rate! trying hard! copycat! acrobat! pizzahut! catsup! Waaaaaaaa!

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