Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Well-loved Filipina nurse

There's a story that appears in the Enquirer today about a hospital in Cincinnati that treats wounded American soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan. What is interesting about this clinic for wounded soldiers, being run by the Cincinnati VA Medical Center, is that all the staff members have either worked in a military hospital in the past or have relatives in the military.

What's more interesting for us Filipinos is that one of the featured nurses in the story is a Filipina nurse who used to serve as an Army nurse here in the country and she's obviously well-loved both by her co-workers and patients.

Based on the article, Emma Bunag-Boehm is regarded by her co-workers as the clinic's "house mother". Even if I haven't met here, I know exactly what that's like. In the Philippines, there's always a nanay-nanayan (pseudo moms) anywhere we go, regardless if we're in our place of work, in school dorms, at church, or just about anywhere. You put Filipino women in one place long enough, and their maternal instincts always come out and everyone around them benefits. And I bet that's exactly what it's like for Ms Bunag-Boehm and the people around her.

"Dozens of patients have formed strong bonds with Bunag-Boehm. The walls of her office are covered with mementos they have brought her; and she keeps a 'Wall of Honor' in the hallway with photographs of many of them," the Enquirer article read.

View the rest of the story here.

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