Saturday, June 9, 2007

//News//What's next for U.S. immigration effort?

The fate of the controversial immigration reform bill, which was thumbed down by U.S. senators on a 50-45 vote Thursday night, is now at the hands of President George Bush.

Bush will need to convince fellow Republicans to go back to the drawing table on an immigration reform act, said Cody Wertz, spokeman of Senator Ken Salazar who was one of the legislators in a bipartisan group that drafted the immigration bill.

On his way back from the G8 Summit in the German town of Heiligendamm, Bush is said to have already started calling key legislators to get the proposed bill back on the Senate floor.

The President made phone calls to three key Republican senators while on board Air Force One. Next week, he plans to personally visit the Capitol and gain support for the immigration bill.

Wertz said the fate of the immigration reform bill will depend on whether Bush can "twist the arms" of Republican senators to renegotiate a compromise. "The president has to help us push this through. If he doesn't, the bill is most likely dead, at least for the near future," he said.

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Bush to push immigration reform bill in person on Hill

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ed said...

There still are independent bills sitting in Congress that would give these Veterans and their families justice.

HR 1287 and S 4070 deal with the same Filipino WWII Veterans' families' immigration issue that was part of the recent Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation.

HR 760 and S 57 deal with giving the Filipino WWII Veterans the same benefits as our US WWII service personnel.

Unfortunately similar legislation has died in committee in previous Congresses.

Geoff said...

The US has been adamant about the case of WW2 vets for a long time. The first time I heard about proposed legislation for Filipino vets was when I was in grade school and that's over 20 years ago.

History has shown that the US doesn't really know how to give back to people who've contributed to its greatness--the war veterans in the past, and now, the immigrants.

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