Tuesday, June 5, 2007

//News// U.S. continues to face critical shortage of nurses

NPR.org reports that the U.S. continues to face a critical shortage of nurses as some 80 million baby-boomers are set to retire soon. Although there are more applications to nursing schools that in the past, the lack of educators are forcing schools to turn applicants away.

Read the full story from the NPR Web site by clicking here or listen to the audio report by clicking here.

demand for nurses
The demand for nurses is expected to outstrip the number coming out of nursing schools in the coming years, as some 80 million baby-boomers near retirement age.

Although applications to nursing schools are up 40 percent from a decade ago, there aren't enough educators to train them.

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Anonymous said...

what will happen now to filipino nurses who are all set to leave for usa but still have pending interviews in us embassy? does it mean it will take them much longer time waiting to have the interview?

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