Sunday, June 17, 2007

//News// U.S. legislators bring back immigration reform to Senate floor

U.S. President George Bush is mustering all his clout in getting the Senate to get back to working on a comprehensive immigration reform bill that was trashed by legislators last week.

Bush, who is hoping to make the immigration reform bill his legacy, personally met with legislators and burned the lines to talk to some senators, hoping to win their approval of the proposed legislation.

Legislators agreed to bring the bill back on the Senate floor after Bush pledged $4.4 billion to shore up the country's border patrol facilities and strengthen the agency that watched over it.

After several closed=door meetings, it was agreed that both Democrats and Republicans would each be given a dozen opportunities to amend the bill. After which a final vote shall be made.

The Senate goes on break in two weeks just before the fourth of July celebrations. With limited time to discuss the immigration reform bill and dissent against it still high, especially among Republicans, the fate of the proposed bill is still up in the air.

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