Tuesday, June 12, 2007

//Opinion// Hot, humid, yet prosperous Bahrain

In April, the Philippines and Bahrain signed a memorandum of agreement opening up opportunities for Filipino doctors and nurses in the fastest growing economy in the Arab region. In return, Arab medical workers will come to the Philippines to train and gain experience.

The Philippine Ambassador to Bahrain says Filipinos have started to flood the Bahraini work place. In 2006, there were 11,736 Filipino workers being hired and re-hired in the state known as the Pearl of the Persian Gulf. That's 17.7% more than in 2005 when only 9,968 Pinoys were recruited in the state that's claimed to be the site of the Gardem of Eden in the Bible.

With the door now wide open to Pinoy medical workers, we can be sure that the number of Filipino contract workers in Bahrain will only shoot up, just like oil rising from this mineral-rich nation.

There's an estimated 40,000 Filipinos now living in Bahrain, 5,000 of which are dependents, while another 5,000 are undocumented workers.

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