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//How To// Fingerprinting requirement for nursing licensure

A common question we encounter is about the processing of the fingerprinting requirement for nursing licensure in the U.S. Different states have their own security check requirements but common to all of them is fingerprinting.

To learn about the specific security requirements in the state where you're applying for a license, just go to that state's Board of Nursing Web site. You can get a list of links and contact information of each state BON from the NCSBN Web site or you can simply google "(state) board of nursing" and you'll find the appropriate link.

There are three ways to get hold of the fingerprint cards: 1) You can ask a relative in the U.S. to go to the BON office; 2)You can go to the local U.S. Embassy and request for the card; 3)And last, you can write the BON to send you the fingerprint cards.

Usually you'll find instructions on how to request for the fingerprint card on the registration application packet. In California, for example, you can request cards online. Just fill out the form on their Web site to request a fingerprint card. You can ask as many as 10 cards but you probably won't need that many. In Illinois, you can email the board liason (FPR.PRFGROUP09(at) and request the card to be sent to your address. Expect to wait AT LEAST 2 weeks for the fingerprint cards to arrive.

Once you have the cards, fill out the requested information. You'll find the instructions on how to fill out the card in the application packet or application form for nursing registration. Next, follow these steps:

1) Go to the Carriedo office of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). If you don't know how to get there, go to Quiapo Church (hard to miss), stand in the middle of Plaza Miranda, say a little prayer first but don't close your eyes to avoid being robbed, and walk towards the left of the church (that's the left side if you're facing the church). Once you reach the place where old ladies sell candles, follow the street to your left (I think you'll see KFC somewhere there) and after you pass the first intersection, ask where the NBI office is. They'll point you to a building to the right, which is more like a mall, where you'll find the NBI Clearance Center on the third floor. Go early and avoid going on Mondays and Fridays because that's when most people go.

2) Pay P20 at the entrance gate. Don't skip this part. I've tried that and got through, but when I was at the processing area already, they asked for the receipt. Of course, I couldn't show any so I had to go back down to pay the fee.

3) Go to the 6th floor (Room 604) and just say you're processing a fingerprint card for the US. Fill out the log book and you'll be given a piece of paper.

4) Go one floor down to the fingerprinting area and ask for the person that handles fingerprint cards for the US. Although you'll see many tables there taking fingerprints, there's only about one or two assigned agents authorized to process the US-bound fingerprint cards.

*** There's some sort of a money-making scheme at the NBI where they sell you paper tissue to wipe off the ink on your fingers after your prints have been taken. They WON'T TELL YOU FIRSTHAND that they're selling you something, but they'll just ask for P5.00. Naturally you'll be left wondering what the payment's for, until you're handed the wet wipes.

5) After you're prints are taken and recorded on the cards, you're done. There's a Jollibee and a KFC store near the Quiapo Church if you get hungry from your NBI adventure. (Make sure you send some Chickenjoy over here to us, ok?).

Send the completed fingerprint cards according to the instructions on the state board application packet. As earlier mentioned, each state will have different requirement and instructions. In California, just send the card back to the state BON. The cost of fingerprint processing ($32) is already included in the total fees you pay them.

For Illinois, however, they require a third-party service provider to process your cards first. We've previously dealt with the Integrated Biometric Technology and they're a reputable company. Send the card to:

Integrated Biometric Technology
formerly Identix Identification Services)
1650 Wabash Ave Suite D
Springfield, IL 62704

IBT charges $54 for processing fingerprint cards, so get a bank draft from a bank where you have an account and enclose it together with the fingerprint card. Also, enclose a note asking IBT to send a confirmation receipt to Continental Testing Services once your cards are done.

If you have questions for IBT and to check for current processing fees, send an e-mail to Dianna Smith (d.smith(at)

When sending documents to the U.S., you can either choose the EMS service at the postal office or Fedex. When sending a bank draft, we suggest using a courier service like Fedex for security reasons.

*** TIP: Whenever possible, send your requirements with another person (a friend or a classmate) if you're both applying to the same state. The costs will come out cheaper because you can split the charges. Fedex charges around P1,400 for each mail you send out.

That completes your fingerprinting processing. If we can't stop you from sending us a chickenjoy meal, we'll gladly tell you where to send it. Har har har.

Good luck!

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alfred said...

for those who would like to california, although the social security # is mandatory, just leave the space blank if you don't have it

Anonymous said...

may i ask is stated on the card that it be sent to Illinois Police Department...does this provide the same service with IBS or do I have to send to both agencies?salamat!

Geoff said...

hi. no, you don't need to send your fingerprint card to the Illinois Police. Just send them to Integrated Biometric with your bank draft and they'll process it for you. don't forget to attach a note asking them to forward a receipt to CTS/IDFPR

Anonymous said...

well hi geoff can i ask , is it ok if i could get the nclex thing first coz i failed twice in the local ... (any advice for me)

hi this is goretti.. pls need ur advice

Geoff said...

yes you can take the nclex without taking pr passing the local board exams. but you have to make sure that the US state you're applying for doesn't require the CGFNS certificate, which in turn requires that you have a local license.

study harder for the nclex though.expect harder questions

Anonymous said...

Hi Geoff! :)

This is an awesome site!

I just wanted to ask, if i can send my illinois fingerprint card directly to Bureau of Identifications (the one indicated at the back of the card). Im not so sure about this, but some of my friends have submitted their fingerprint cards there for 44 USD.
I just wanted to make sure...ive already prepared a bank draft for it. opppss.

Thanks again,

Geoff said...

Thank you for your comments.
Aside from IBT, there are other agencies accredited to process fingerprint cards. If the agency you speak of is accredited, then by all means do business with them. However, you have to make sure that they are indeed properly recognized. You may easily contact the IDFPR or CTS, just look up their contact info at the Resources page of this Web site. They usually respond very fast.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said... planning to take nclex exam in california(since its the most "downloadable" application in the net).ive already received my fingerprints from the said state,im also finished with the school requirements.the problem is:I AM CONFUSED.some says i shouldnt take my exam there in cali because of many reasons, such as, you will be having a hard time waiting for your sss num.(i dont even know what this really is, or what for)and that it will only be beneficial to those who have relatives living there..they have suggested to take the exam in vermont or in other state..could you please enlighten me with my problem, what state do you prefer?.i hope you will respond.thanks a lot..

Mimay said...

Hello Sir, I am in the process of filling up the Fingerprint card info. I read at the back of the card the code for RACE, what about the other info like hair, eyes, skin? are there codes for these or I just need to write the whole word like black? Another thing is the height and weight, is there any specific unit of measurement that I need to use? The question Submit fingerprints to FBI? Yes or No? Lastly what will I write in the requestor's name? Is it CTS? Please help, I dont want to commit an error for I only have 1 card, Thanks very much.

Geoff said...

for race, you can write Asian and black for the color of your hair, eyes and brown for skin color. Use feet and inches. Yes, submit to FBI and the requestor is CTS.

Mimay said...

Salamat po Sir Geof. You made it easier for me. More power to you!!!

Mimay said...

Hello again Sir Geof, I emailed Ms. Diana Smith of IBT for the current price of fingerprinting. Got a quick response, its $49.25. Wala na ba tong mga processing fee pa? Kasi in your post its $54, I was expecting it to be higher this time kasi nga baka nag price increase. To my surprise mas bumaba pa. Just wanna make sure na wala ng hidden charges pa. Thanks.

Geoff said...

There are several fingerprint scanning service providers, so it's not surprising if one provider cuts their prices to gain advantage over the rest.

You got a quote directly from IBT and you can't get more accurate than that :)

Mimay said...

Thanks po, ganun kalaki tiwala ko sayo Sir, maski IBT nagdududa ako hehehe kaya confirm ko muna from you hehehe.

Anonymous said...

hi sir, ask ko lng po kung dapat sa NBI office sa manila ka dapat pumunta for fingerprint, kasi i live here in pampanga pa. or pwede nman sa NBI office dito?,,, and do u need to write the whole na ASIAN for the race kahit maliit lng ung space?,,,

Geoff said...

Some NBI offices in the province don't process fingerprint cards for the US. I think you have to go to a Regional NBI headquarters if you're in the province. It is best to simply go to your nearest NBI office and ask.

Anonymous said...

san po isesend lahat ng mga requirements dor california? ung request for transcript po dapat school ung magsend sa board of Nursing in california di po ba?. edi hindi po sya kasabay sa mga ipapadala ko na requirements? cenxa na po confuse lng po ako. tnx.

Geoff said...

Ask your school registrar to fill out the form. The school should send it to the CA Board of Nursing, however most schools don't have their own mailing services. In this case, ask your school to have the form sealed in official school envelopes so that you can send it yourself at the nearest post office or courier service.

The fngerprint card, on the other hand, goes with the rest of the application form which you must send separately from your schoool records.

Anonymous said...

isang fingerprint card lang ba ang isesend?

Geoff said...

Yes, you only need to send one fingerprint card

Anonymous said...

Sir i just want to ask who's the recipient of the fee that we will be paying for the fingerprint card processing for the state of ILlinois, im.By the way choosing IBT . THanks more power to your Blogspot!!

Geoff said...

Your check should be made out for IBT. You can e-mail them to get an accurate quotation of their current fees.

Sophie said...

Hi Sir! Would you happen to know if I can do the fingerprinting here at Pasig NBI? I'm from Cainta and it's the closest to where I'll be coming from.

Thanks a lot for the step-by-step procedure. More power to you! =)

Geoff said...

sophie, I believe you have to go to the NBI service center in Quiapo.

Anonymous said...

can you pls teach me how to make an explaination letter? ...or a format will also do...

Anonymous said...

Hi, ask ko lang, nag request n kasi ako ng fingerprint card sa california board of nursing last month january 14, pero until now wala parin, help nman po kung anu gagawin kung hihintayin ko p b yun or magrerequest ulit ako, thank's a lot

Geoff said...

It is better to contact the CA BON directly. The cards usually arrive about a month after you request them. If they don't reply, request a new set. Some people have requested the cards from the US Embassy in Manila, perhaps you can try that.

star said...

greetings sir.

thanks po sa mga info at tips nyo.

sir, tanong ko lang poh. kung saan ako magpadala ng fingerprintcard sa florida. ala po kasi nakalagay sa kanila eh.

sana po matulungan nyo ako.

thanks poh. more power.

Kittyhawk said...

Hi Geoff,

Sorry my question is off topic, but i do not know where else to post my query. :) Anyway, i would just like to ask if you have any information regarding US documents that needs to be notarized? My NJ application needs to be notarized. I'm not sure whether they would accept just any notarial services here in the Philippines.

Thanks in advance!

MARY said...

hi ask ko lang po sa pag rerequest ba ng finger print card state of illinois, am i have to write them an email o meron katulad nung sa california na may form lang na iffill up?

thanks po...

YRAM said...

sa pag fill up ng CES form nakalagay dun transcript of schools attended.. nagtransfer kse ako from FEU..buong first year ko doon..may kelangan paren ba akong kunin sa feu..o lahat manggagaling sa school kung saan ako graduate ng nursing??same course lang naman kaya lang sa FEU kse mga 1st year OGEC twag...naguguluhan ako...kung

isa pa po, pano pla yung sa signature nkalagay kse
Sign the Application Form with the same name you indicated in Item 3 of the application. You will be required to use the same
signature each time you correspond with CGFNS or when CGFNS asks for your signature. The resulting CGFNS Credentials
....pano yun? signature na parang isusulat lang ba pangalan o signature na signature tlaga......

patulong lang po


Geoff said...

You can simply ask your current school to give you your official transcript with all your subjects from past schools integrated in the same form.

with regard to the signature, it just means you should use the same name when dealing with agencies like CGFNS

rosemarie said...


I'd like to know kung magkakaiba ba yung fingerprint cards from IL. A friend of mine ordered from IL state of Police. Are they all the same?

Thank you..

diane said...

tanong ko lng po kung isa lng yun papadala na fingerprint from s california po n.kc ung nabasa ko parang kelangan acomplish yun 2 form n para s DOJ at FBI thxs po..

Anonymous said...

hi,, im a nursing graduate and im planning to take the NCLEX for the state of illinois. well, im currently having a vacation here (illinois) and i just wanted to know if i can just directly go to any live scan fingerprint here instead of requesting a fingerprinting card and going to NBI back in the philippines. (since im here already, that might be easier).. thankyou in advance! :)

Geoff said...

You probably can get your fingerprinting done while in Illinois. I suggest calling IDFPR though to make sure and ask also what fingerprinting services they accept. There is one fingerprinting center in downtown Chicago that we used in the past, but that was not for IL nursing purposes. Still, they are accredited by the FBI. Calling IDFPR directly would be your first step.

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