Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Updates on June 2007 Nurse Licensure Exam

Here's the latest update on the June 2007 Philippine nurse licensure examination. Got this information from a very reliable source.

The BON will convene to deliberate on the results of the June 2007 board exams starting Aug. 16. I understand this will take about three days. Exam results COULD be announced on Aug. 21, or maybe even as early as Aug. 20. Of course, the PRC may still turn around and release the results much later than that up to Aug. 31, but at least we know they've already started the process of finalizing the results.

I'm not sure about what goes on during the deliberations. From what I've gathered, officials perform some statistical treatment on the raw scores to determine the cut-off passing mark. From this, they can determine who passed or not.

There's an unconfirmed RUMOR that initial reports showed only 29% passed the June boards, but, my source says the numbers are now higher and can only go higher once the deliberations are done.

I'll post more information on the June 2007 nursing licensure exam once they're available.

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Anonymous said...

what a relief such info gave to us who waited anxiously long for this result. at least we are on the final stage of this journey. may the Lord grant us the blessing to pass the exam!!!

little flower said...

let's all pray for good results!

Anonymous said...

may the good Lord bless and hear our prayers and surely He will as long our intentions are right...
God bless RNs!!!!!

Anonymous said...

this is really prolonging our agony..but we all hope that as soon as the deliberation is done the higher the percentage the better..or much much better rather!with God nothing is impossible..lets just all pray to all the people who will do the deliberation to enlighten up their minds for a higher percentage and a better result.

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