Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hotels and other room accommodations near Pearson Vue Manila

Here's a list of hotels and other accommodation providers near the Pearson Vue test center in Makati City. I'll try to add a couple more later on. I advise those who are interested to avail of accommodations to book as early as possible. I'm only providing a list of the places I know which are close to the test center, however, please try to get more feedback from other people about rates and the quality of service they provide.

If you can, call the hotel instead of booking online. Online booking rates are usually higher, and sometimes, promo rates are not posted fast enough.

City Garden Hotel Makati -
Salcedo Suites -
Fersall Inn -
Makati Prime Tower Suites -
Oxford Suites -
Sunnete Tower -
Mandarin Oriental Manila -
Makati Palace Hotel -
CEO Suites -
Jupiter Suites -
Millennium Plaza -
Century Citadel Inn - (63+2) 897-2370, (63+2) 897-2666
Traveler's Inn Makati - (63+2) 897-1771
Tiara Oriental Hotel (contributed by little flower) - (63+2) 7297888 e-mail:

**St. Illian's Inn -
This is a budget hotel in Makati which offers one of the lower rates. It's not as close to Trident Tower as the other hotels, but it's not too far either. Getting to the hotel is a bit complicated, so if you're coming from the airport, be sure to print a map of the hotel's location to show the cab driver.

Getting to Trident Tower (Pearson Vue Manila)
From St. Illian's Inn, you can either take a cab to the Pearson Vue test center or you can walk (1-2 minutes) to Chino Roces Ave. (formerly Pasong Tamo), cross the street, get on a jeepney to PRC (a different PRC from the one in Morayta) and get down Buendia Ave. (your landmark is Mcdonald's). Ride another jeepney to Buendia-MRT or Guadalupe and then get off the old Shell Maya gas station, right after RCBC Plaza. (It seems that the Shell Maya gas station has been demolished and there's some construction work going on there. If you see the RCBC Plaza, then that's your cue that you're already near Trident Tower, which is the first building after the old gas station.)

(Just a note: Hotel or travel firm listings here should not be seen as endorsements for their services. This list should only serve as a guide. Please practice due diligence when choosing a provider listed here. Thanks.)

Tels: (632) 443 6226 / 489 6781
Mobile: (0922) 8750213

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joi said...

thank you geoff :)

pinoyrn said...

thanks geoff! this is a big big help to fellow nurses... ill post this 1 to my site thanks again..ill also put links to some of my blogs to ur site...keep up the good work, The Best Template! this is what i want bro!

little flower said...

thanks for the info've been a really big help to me so far...hope that i haven't gotten on your nerves so far...

anyway, NCLEX test takers should take Buendia entrance and not Dela Costa st. entrance (Salcedo Towers).

add to your list Tiara Oriental Hotel (along Malugay St.)'s walking distance to Trident.

online pharmacy said...

thanks geoff.... many of our nurses can help of this details you post here... it will help them a lot... :)

Anonymous said...

which one is the in walking distance?

Geoff said...

Most of them are near.. but Tiara Hotel seems nearer than most. Also the hotels in salcedo vill. are very near. check out the map for each hotel to help you choose.

Anonymous said...

hey geoff ...i have questions pls..
i passed june 2007 local licensure exam and now i plan to send my requirements as soon as possible to take a nclex california... i dnt hve a license yet what i need to pass are the certified true copy of diploma,and letter of explanation ryt? do i need to pass also the certification of board passer??????
pls reply thnks

Anonymous said...

could u pls check this letter of explanation pls... ok n b?
if u have some suggestion could u pls write tnx

In line with my application for NCLEX, I was advised that I lack my PRC nursing license which is a requirement to proceed with the process. Apparently, due to the large number of examinees who passed the Philippine nursing board licensure exam last June 2007, The PRC has set my license registration on October 22.

Consequently, the Philippine regulatory commission is said to issue our license sometime on November to December 2007. And since I have already registered at Pearson Vue last September 2007, I need to secure my application as soon as possible that I can for the reason that it was only valid for 365 days.

I’m hoping for your kind consideration for this situation that only my college diploma instead of PRC nursing license is attached on this application

Anonymous said...

hey geoff im waiting 4 ur reply if i need also to include a board passer certificate to NCLEX california coz my license is not yet release? and only my certified true copy of diploma is attach on my application

Geoff said...

Most of the people I know didn't suubmit a certification of board rating/passing, but it may be good that you send it as well.

Geoff said...

***ALTHOUGH I don't require everyone to post their names or nicknames before being able to post a message, I do hope that you leave one so that I can properly direct my answers to the right person. Thanks.***

Geoff said...

With regard to the letter... you're in a tight bind. Normally you don't register with Pearson Vueunless you have the eligibility or not until you expect your Eligibility in a few months. If you don't get your Eligibility within a year, you will lose your initial registration and pay the Pearson Vue registration fee again. I wouldn't expect them to give an extension, whatever the case.

You're best bet perhaps is to find someone inside PRC to try and expedite the release of your card.

Which US state, by the way, have you applied for?

Anonymous said...

hi! passed the nclex exams!! i took it last may 19, 2008. i recommend you guys to stay at SALCEDO SUITES or famously known as LPL MANOR. get the superior deluxe because it's spacious and it has a veranda. it's just walking distance from the testing center, maybe a 10 minute walk. just ask the front desk personnel for directions.

now, my next step is to find an employer in california asap so that they can already give me a permanent rn license and my file will be abandoned and destroyed in three yrs if i can't comply with the requirements.

any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

tnx 4 ur info about the hotels near trident tower. i'm considering St. Illian's Inn.. is it really walking distance? i'm just scared that it's farther than i expected and i'd get lost..hehe:) tnx.

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