Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Update on the June 2007 nurse licensure exam results

Those waiting for the June 2007 nurse licensure exam can sleep well tonight. With the first day of the NCLEX in Manila tomorrow, the PRC won't announce the results of the local board exams just yet, according to my source.

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Anonymous said...

that is a very funny reason. I cannot determine the connection,,NLE should be prioritize

Geoff said...

I think it's a PR-related decision. Obviously the NCLEX being administered here is big news and they don't want to take away the limelight from that.

When you're waiting for the results, this may look inane but the PRC is apparently treating the release of the June 07 boards very cautiously. I'm not defending the PRC and this is just my view coming from my own past experience in the corporate world.

The results will be out soon, so goodluck!

Anonymous said...

Tama ka jan Geof, alam mo naman mga Noypi 1 big news at a time hehehe. Goodluck sa lahat

Anonymous said...

ok... thanks geoff.. please keep us posted with the latest updates.. haha... i never failed checking this blogspot site since the rumors about the results (august 15, 16, and 17) came out..

Anonymous said...

I guess it will just come out like a THIEF IN THE NIGHT! HAHAHAHAHAHA!Good Luck to you all! Its a good thing I am done with that last December 2006.

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