Friday, August 10, 2007

Doctors leaving as nurses; opportunities in Japan, Australia

Just got back from a trip, so I haven't been able to update lately. I've got a whole chest-full of new ideas that I plan to write about and I think I just might have the extra time now to write more, so expect better things from this blog.

In the meantime, I was surfing the Web for some relevant news that I missed while I was away and here are some of the noteworthy issues that you might also like to look up:

Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA)
Sen. Aquilino Pimentel was quoted in the papers this week saying the controversial JPEPA might be ratified by our Senate. This legislation will, among other things, open up work opportunities for Filipino caregivers and nurses in Japan. Initially the number of workers have been limited to 400, but hopefully this would increase in the future.

Australia needs nurses
Raul V. Hernandez, honorary consul to Melbourne, said Australia would need 10,000 nurses in the next three years.

Philippine doctors leaving as nurses
The issue of doctors leaving the country as nurses heats up with renewed animosity from the Health Secretary.

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malmd said...

hi geoff,it is nice to have you back again, i always drop by to see your blog.sad to hear that doctors do leave for greener pastures in the US but i beleive if the government will be giving more importance in our health care, MDs wont leave. US gives more opportunities for the future children of these doctors. I beleive that they will come back home when they retire.No place like home...

Geoff said...

Thanks, Malmd. I agree with you. Instead of keeping doctors from pursuing their own plans, the government should instead focus on replenishing the pool of doctors and that can only be done by giving more priority to healthcare.

Another lame proposal is the one that seeks to require fresh nursing graduates to work in the country for a number of years before being allowed to go abroad. Although I believe it's good to gain a little more maturity, especially for the young grads, before embarking on a foreign land, I strongly abhor forcible work in any type of situation. I thought slavery's been gone a long time, but this proposal and the one concerning doctors throw us back a hundred years.

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