Wednesday, May 30, 2007

//Tips// Salary list for U.S. careers

Found an interesting article by Sarah Clark, who compiled a short list of careers and matching salaries in the U.S. The figures quoted are simply meant to give a rough picture of the job market and they are obviously only estimates of real salaries, which would differ from company to company and from state to state:

Business Salaries
Accountants and auditors $56,880
Financial analysts $70,500
Human resources managers $87,580
Marketing managers $96,680

Culinary Salaries
Cooks - private household $22,530
Manager of food preparation and serving workers $27,480
Chefs and head cooks $34,160
Food service managers $35,790 (in 2002)

Nursing Salaries
Home health aides $18,980
Nursing aides, orderlies, attendants $21,610
Licensed practical nurse (LPN) $31,440 (in 2002)
Registered nurses $54,210

Multimedia Design Salaries
Set and exhibit designers $40,000
Film and video editors $50,690
Multimedia artists and animators $57,520
Art directors $73,240

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