Wednesday, May 30, 2007

//Opinion//Immigration reform Q&A

Here's an interesting Question & Answer feature by the Associated Press. The Q&A clarifies some of the complex issues related to the current immigration reform being proposed in the US Congress.

To summarize some of the points raised in the Q&A:
* The bill is still far from being a law. It has to go through several processes first.
* Illegal immigrants in the U.S. would be given permits to live and work in the country after completing a registration process. They can only apply for citizenship after paying finex, backtaxes, passing security checks and returning to their home countries.
* Petitions for family members of US immigrants who applied before May 2005 would still be processed. Beyond that, the US will no longer accept petitions for family mebers, except if they go through the merit/point system that will evaluate applicants based on education and skills.
* Temporary workers will be allowed to work in the US but they can only stay for a maximum of six years. They can not apply for citizenship unless they apply through the point system.

Read the rest of the Q&A by clicking this link.

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