Thursday, May 31, 2007

//Opinion// U.S. immigration reform far from finished

There have been a lot of comments posted on various forums regarding the proposed immigration bill in the U.S. Most of them are from confused and worried nurses who are waiting for the go-ahead to work and live in the U.S.

Although the proposed immigration bill is currently being debated in the U.S Senate, let's not forget that the legislative process is a very long one. Even if the current proposal is approved by Senators, The Lower House has to come up with its own proposals and if they pass a bill that's very different from that passed by the Senate, then it would be tough to reconcile them.

All that we hear and read about today regarding immigration reform are just proposals. The Senate may not even pass the bill that they have today.

So, I see no reason to be all worked up at this time. There's no use getting worried over something that might not even happen. I suggest we use this time of waiting to prepare for the US NCLEX and improve our skills and gain additional work experience. Then when a final law eventually comes out of the U.S., then that's the time to evaluate our options and to act accordingly.

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