Friday, May 4, 2007

//News// May 1 rally attract fewer people

Thousands took the streets across the United States of America in support of immigration reforms, but the turnout was smaller than similar rallies staged last year.

Unlike last year when illegal immigrants boldly joined rallies, wearing T-shirts that say, "I'm Illegal. So what?", fewer people came out this year for fear of actions from the immigration and customs enforcement (ICE).

Immigration advocates are still hopeful, however, that the momentum of current political efforts would lead to a new legislation before the hurly-burly of the US presidential elections take center stage next year.

Ongoing discussions among politicians have bogged down over the issue concerning family petitioning. The proposed immigration bill seems to be leaning towards the removal of a provision that allows immigrant workers to petition their families.

Although immigration issues are dividing groups of people in the U.S., a new law could come in August. President Bush wants immigration reform as his legacy so it is certain that things are moving forward. Towards which direction, however, is still unclear.

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