Tuesday, March 13, 2007

// Tips // US States that no longer require the CGFNS exam

Here's a list of US states whose Boards of Nursing no longer require licensure applicants to take the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) Certification Exam. Some of these states still accept the CGFNS certificate but they will also accept alternative screening certifications like the Credentials Evaluation Service. For more detailed information about each state BON and its specific requirements, just google the BON or go to the NSCBN Web site and search for your desired BON from their directory.

List of States:
Oregon / Minnesotta / North Carolina
California / Arkansas / New York
Nevada / Illinois / Vermont
Arizona / Kentucky / New Jersey
Colorado / Ohio / Maryland
New Mexico / Florida / Massachusetts
Kansas / Georgia / Texas / South Carolina
Michigan (New)

If you know a state that should belong to this list, please call our attention.

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Anonymous said...

hi im new here are you sure Florida doesnt require CGFNS-CP anymore? some say Florida still require this...hope you could help me with this issue..im a bit confused..tnx

Geoff said...

Yes, you can get a CES report in lieu of the CGFNS-CP. You can get more information about the CES report from the CGFNS Web site.

Anonymous said...

thanks..nice site!:)

Anonymous said...

hi, i'm also applying for BON FL and i'm also CONFUSED. Because one of their requirements is a certificate from the CGFNS. With this, do I still need to take the exam? waaah. I don't have any idea.

Geoff said...

I just reviewed the registration requirements of Florida BON and, no, they no longer require the CGFNS Certificate, but if you have it already, then you may submit it.

In lieu of the CGFNS certificate, you must secure a Credentials Evaluation Service (CES) report from any of the four accredited agencies by the FL board (Please refer to the application packet). I suggest you get the CES from CGFNS because this is recognized by other US states, in case you might need it later on for licensing in other states.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I went to Maryland BON site and it was indicated in one of the steps in the application process the need to secure a Credentials Evaluation Service Application

Does this mean that I have to take the CGFNS first? You said that Maryland is one of the states that no longer need a CGFNS exam before taking the NCLEX.

Just clarifying. Please do reply. Thank you. :)

Geoff said...

The Credentials Evaluation Service (CES) is not the same as the CGFNS certificate service, which requires that you pass the qualifying test. The CES merely evaluates your school records to determine if they meet US standards. You don't take a test to apply for a CES report; just submit the needed documents. You'll find more info from the CGFNS.org Web site.

hannah said...

Hi! I am applying for the State of New Jersey. I passed the Philippine board exam last June 2008, so as you can see, I still don't have my license. I will be taking my TOEFL-IBT exam this sept 2008 (this worries me because this has a 2 year expiry)... though i haven't submitted my CES application form yet as this needs the license validation. Is there any way that I can proceed the CES application without the license? I already have my exam rating and certification from the PRC. Any reply from you will be truly appreciated. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Do you know any U.S. State that does not require PRC license? My husband graduated BSN here in the Philippines way back 1994, and took the NLE on that same year but did not pass. He is now a U.S. Citizen and plans to take NCLEX. He applied for a CES report thtough CGFNS in Illinois BON but the said state is now requiring PRC license. As an option, he needs to find out what State does not require PRC license for NCLEX. Thank you in advance Geoff. More power.

Anonymous said...

hi! i am applying for nclex in massachusetts and it seems that they still require a certificate from the cgfns..

do i still need to take cgfns? i dont have any idea

and how much if you transfer your nclex from another state?

Anonymous said...

are you sure that massachusetts doesn't require cgfns? bec i've reviewed their application form and it seems that in order to take nclex you had to have cgfns certification.

Anonymous said...

This link gives complete table of what state requires what - CGFNS certificate ot CES


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