Wednesday, March 28, 2007

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It's always good to know who to contact when you've hit a bump in your application. Here's a short list of people who could help sort out your concerns when applying for a license in Illinois:

If you want to request for fingerprint cards or ask a question about applying for a nursing license in Illinois, you may get in touch with:

Kittie D. West
Board Liaison, Health Services Section
Division of Professional Regulation
IL Dept. of Financial and Professional Regulation

When applying for Illinois, you send your application to Continental Testing Services. If you have concerns with your application, you could contact:

Sue Zajda
Continental Testing Services

Fingerprinting is mandatory for most US states, including Illinois. There are several companies that can process your fingerprint cards, one of them is Integrated Biometric Technology. To ask for the current prices or other concerns you might have, you may contact:

Dianna Smith
Integrated Biometric Technology
An L-1 Identity Solutions Company
Protecting and Securing Personal Identities and Assets

(Identix Identification Services has now merged with IBT)

1650 Wabash Ave, Suite D
Springfield, IL 62704
Telephone: 217-547-2130
Facsimile: 217-793-7393
Web site:

IMPORTANT NOTE: These people have been very helpful and have been very accommodating, so when you contact them, please ask kindly. Show respect and they will give the same back to you.

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Anonymous said...

hey thanks!

Nurzondmove said...

big help...ty

Anonymous said...

Requested fingerprint card from Miss Kitty West and you're right she is really helpful. Got it in less than 2 weeks. Thanks

cacao said...

i love this blog...hope ull continue empowering filipino nurses

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