Friday, January 25, 2008

Updates from IBT on fingerprint scanning service

Diana Smith of Integrated Biometric Technoloy (IBT) wrote us to give some updates on their fingerprint scanning services.

IBT is one of the fingerprint scanning service providers accredited by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations (IDFPR) which oversees the issuance of nurse licenses in Illinois. If you wish to apply for a nursing license in the state, you can send your fingerprint card to IBT and they will scan and submit your digitized prints to the appropriate agencies.

IBT has lowered its service fee to $49.25, which is a result of the FBI lowering it's own electronic fees late last year. If you recall, the OLD service fee was $54.

When sending your accomplished fingerprint cards to IBT, please include a note or a letter asking IBT to forward a receipt directly to Continental Testing Service (CTS). The receipt is proof that an applicant has completed the requirements for submitting fingerprints. Also in the letter, please write down your contact information, especially your e-mail address, so that IBT technicians can contact you much faster in case there are questions with regard to your fingerprint cards.

We're making available the information sheet that IBT sends to its customers. Through this information sheet, you can get the skinny on how to fill out the cards, where to send them, and who to make the bank drafts payable to, among others. You can download it in either PDF format or Microsoft Word format.

Hopefully, this new information will answer most of your questions about the fingerprint scanning service.

Read more information here about the entire application process for the state of Illinois.

To get a more general idea on how to apply for a license in the U.S., you can read more information here.

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Ngetpa said...

Hi Geof, how will I know that CTS started processing my papers? Will they send me an email? Or I need to call them?

Geoff said...

Like other agencies, CTS will mail you a confirmation of your order and the status of your application. These come through the postal mail.

Ngetpa said...

Wow that would take along time kung postal mail. Sige wait ko na lang, thanks Geoff.

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