Thursday, November 29, 2007

US hospitals that sponsor foreign nurses

With retrogression, hospitals in the US have temporarily suspended their sponsorship programs for foreign nurses. Some continue their recruitment efforts but the most they can do is file for the Petition for Alien Worker or I-140.

When visas become available, look for US hospitals to start sponsoring foreign RN again. Here are a few hospitals in Southern California that have sponsored foreign RNs in the past:

Saint John's Health Center -
Good Samaritan Hospital -
Tenet California -
Enloe Medical Center -
Antelope Valley Hospital -
White Memorial Hospital -

Just like other hospitals, these facilities have put their foreign recruitment efforts on hold, but look for them once there's some relief from retrogression.

This posting should not be seen as an endorsement, rather it is for information purposes only. Please do your own research into these facilities first before making a committment.

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Anonymous said...

hi! just want to ask, since there is retrogression,what is the best thing to do if you have a multiple tourist visa and passed all the required exams?to wait till the retrogression be lifted and go to the US for adjustment of status or start looking for employer that will sponsor me and wait for my que? i understand that if i file an I -140, i will have to wait for many yrs before getting to US and will not be able to go to US on tourist visa since i have a pending petition.

Geoff said...

At this time, there is no way to tell if visas would be available again soon. Things could open this year, or they may not. A lot fo things are happening in the U.S. that there's no way to tell what Congress will do.

If you have the means or the financial resources to fly abroad and get by with your day to day expenses, then there's no one keeping you from going to the U.S. and exploring what options you have. Who knows, visas may again be available once you're still here and it has usually been faster to get approval when you're already in the U.S.

HOWEVER, staying in the U.S. is very costly and on a tourist visa, you are not legally allowed to gain any form of employment. DO NOT overstay in the U.S. or exceed your allowed stay, otherwise, once a petition is filed in your behalf and you have been out of status, it will automatically be denied by immigration authorities.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was wondering if you know hospitals that offer sponsorship in Las vegas? Thank you!

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