Friday, November 16, 2007

The troubles in Canada

Many things about our world bother me. High up on my list is discrimation and racism. Almost everyday, I hear stories of Filipinos being discriminated on just because of our race. Many efforts have been done to resolve this worrisome situation, but a lot more effort is needed to make it go away.

I've heard stories about Canada being a land of promises. Some of my relatives have lived there for a long time and some of them have become successful. Yet, the truth about its broken immigration policies and its highly discriminative work environment is truly troublesome. Take this Web site (, for example, and see a part of this country's almost hidden identity.

Canada's Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Joe Volpe acknowledges the issue. Read his comments here on W-Five's story.

Even Filipino nurses who have years of experience are forced to work in the lowest positions when they go to Canada. I've heard about a nurse director from one of the larger hospitals in our country who was told that she must first work as a nurse aide and go back to school in a Canadian college before she can work as a first-level nurse.

In Europe, discrimation and racism are openly and blatantly displayed. Even the world's best soccer players are taunted with racist slurs. Watch this troubling video:

DISCRIMINATION exists everywhere, even in our own beloved Philippines. We are not bashing any particular country or place. We always advocate free information and free choice. Before making a decision on career and immigration plans, do your own extensive research. Pray to God. We won't know what God has in store for us if we don't ask.

Here are some sites that provide information about Canada:
Official Canadian Web site
Canadian Immigration
Success Story - Immigration

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canadianrn said...

Canada has some amazing opportunities. The medical system here is very different than most countries and any person be they from the Phillipenes or the United States will most likely need additional training to understand the system.

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