Tuesday, April 24, 2007

//Opinion// Republicans ease position on US immigration reform

News about US Republican congressmen starting to back off from restrictive conditions they've earlier imposed on immigration reform legislation is good news for local nurses. This is a step forward towards the resolution of dispute over immigration reforms in the US.

Although there are plenty more hurdles ahead, at least discussions, mostly conducted in closed quarters, have been productive. A Senate vote is scheduled in May towards the creation of an immigration legislation, to which the retrogression of Schedule A jobs (such as nursing and physical therapy) is closely linked.

The immigration reform bill, the details of which has been kept under wraps while closed-door meetings have been ongoing, may include provisions concerning the retrogression or, if not, hopefully, will clear the path for pending retrogression-related bills such as the Skil bill and the Strive Act.

Here are some links concerning the immigration reform updates:


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Julie said...

Thanks for the posts and info! I am a frequent visitor of this site. God bless you!

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