Saturday, April 28, 2007

//Opinion// Immigrant rallies set all over US

Both sides of the immigration debate in the US are set to hold rallies on May 1, Labor Day. The rallies come as the White House and US Congress continued to struggle to find a common ground on immigration reform.

Immigration advocates, whose raliies last year attracted millions of participants, are set to hold similar marches all over the US. There are doubts, however, if the turnout would match that of last year. People on the other side of the immigration debate will hold marches on the same day, in fact, in some states, the groups are likely to cross paths. The turnout on May 1 would serve as an indicator of Americans' support of immigration reform.

Washington has been busy meeting both Republican and Democrat legislators to push a proposed immigration bill that would provide amnesty to illegals already in the US, but stiff fines, back taxes, and a pricey fee for citizenship application, awaits them. The plan also proposes to do away with a previous policy that allowed immigrants to petition for family members outside of the country, something which the US Catholic Church calls a step in the wrong direction for immigration reform.

The US Senate has set a self-imposed deadline to vote on immigration reform in May. Although that time is so close, the final form of a new immigration act might not be as close.

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