Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nurse with poor English suspended from job

Here's a sad case of a Filipino nurse who was suspended from the hospital he worked for in the U.K. Based on the charges brought against him, it was said he "lacked competence" both in his nursing skills and his English communication skills. I feel sorry for this man and I hope we all get some lessons from his experience.

I know a lot of people who've taken up nursing so that they can take advantage of the many opportunities for nurses in other countries, but before you set out for greener pastures, I urge you to try to keep the high standards that Filipino nurses have been known for.

Assess yourself, see where you're weak at, and seek ways of improving your skills. Try to get some hospital experience, even if some employers don't require you to get one. There are good training programs out there. If that doesn't work out, do some volunteer work; a couple of these volunteer programs are very good. Do this for yourself so that you'll be more confident when you find a real nursing job.

If you have poor English skills, just keep practicing. Even if you've already passed your IELTS or TOEFL exams, continue to improve your communication skills. My English skills are not so bad, but even I struggle to talk in English if I have to use it everyday at work or at other places outside home.

It is my hope, and the hope of many Filipinos I'm sure, that this will the last time we'll hear about a Filipino being suspended or fired for having poor nursing and English skills.

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