Tuesday, April 24, 2012

List of US nursing boards that require CES or CP

Most US nursing boards now require either a CES report or CP from CGFNS for RN license applications. Here's a list of US states and their requirements:

Alabama - CP and CES
Alaska - CES or CP
American Samoa - no CGFNS requirement
Arizona - CES, VS or CP
Arkansas - CES and English, CP or VS
California - CES may be accepted
Colorado - CES and English or CP
Connecticut - CP
Delaware - CP
Florida - CES
Georgia - CES or CP
Guam - CP, CES may be accepted
Hawaii - CES or CP
Idaho - CES or CP
Illinois - CES, VS or CP
Indiana - CP
Iowa - CES and English or CP
Kansas - CES
Kentucky - VS
Louisiana - CP
Maine - CES or CP
Maryland - CES
Massachusetts - CES, CP or VS
Michigan - CES and English or CP
Minnesota - CES or CP
Mississippi - CP or CES
Missouri - CES or CP
Montana - CP
Nebraska - CP
Nevada - CES
New Hampshire - CP or CES
New Jersey - CES and English, or CP
New Mexico - CES
New York - CVS
North Carolina - CES or VS
North Dakota - CP, CES may be accepted
Northern Marianas Islands - No CGFNS requirement, CES may be accepted
Ohio - CES
Oklahoma - CES, VS or CP and transcripts
Oregon - CES, CP or VS
Pennsylvania - CP and transcripts
Puerto Rico - No CGFNS requirement
Rhode Island - CP
South Carolina - CES
South Dakota - CP
Tennessee - CP
Texas - CES
Utah - CP and CES
Vermont - CES, CP may also be required
Virgin Islands - CP
Virginia - CES and English, or CP
Washington - CES or CP
Washington DC - CP, CES may be accepted
West Virginia - CP
Wisconsin - CP
Wyoming - CP

* * *
CP = Certificate Program
VS = Visascreen
CVS = Credential Verification Service for New York State
CES = Credentials Evaluation Service
English = language proficiency test report

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