Monday, May 19, 2008

New immigrant visas for nurses proposed

A new proposed legislation in the US. House of Representatives seeks to give up to 20,000 visas per year to nurses and physical therapists up to September 2011.

The proposal, HR 5924 or the Emergency Nursing Supply Relief Act, would waive the quota for these two occupations, also known as Schedule A jobs, up to 2011 but a maximum of 20,000 visas can only be approved every year. Immediate family members of primary visa beneficiaries, however, would not be counted against the 20,000 yearly cap.

Based on the new proposal, the US immigration department must make a decision on I-140 petitions within 30 days of receipt.

Also being proposed is the allocation of a Grant Fee, where beneficiaries of the new visa allocations must pay $1,500 which will go to a fund to help US nursing schools. Visa applicants must also provide legal proof that they do not owe money that was used to finance their education in their home country, such as student loans, for example.

Click here to see the full text of this proposed legislation.

** Personal note:
We're almost back. We've been unable to post new entries for quite sometime because we've had to relocate to a new place. We'll talk about that pretty soon. Although we're not yet quite settled, we'll try to post here from time, albeit not as much as we used to before. In the meantime, let me thank everyone who've been sending their messages and visiting this blog regularly even though we haven't been able to post new entries.

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Anonymous said...

hi geoff..can you please help us to find a hospital na may schedule for upcoming month na may ivt ka naman ng updated hirap kasi maghanap and also for updated voluteer program if ever may alam ka pa iba some of the hospitals kc di na sila nag aaccept.. thanks

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