Sunday, March 2, 2008

US immigration updates

The quest for new nurse visas continues to be a steep uphill climb, while the U.S. is struggling out of a quagmire of a possible recession, brought about by the credit and housing crisis. Add to the mix the heated race for the presidency and you've got a very tough environment for legislators espousing immigration-related laws. We remain hopeful that something will be done this year before the presidential elections consume the entire US political landscape.

Some of the good news that have come out recently include the advancement of the EB3 Visa to Jan. 1, 2005. We blogged about this a while back. Another good news coming in is a proposal from Sen. Kent Conrad to extend the J-1 waiver program for physicians serving in underserved areas. Aside from an extension, the bill also seeks a cap exemption for doctors. If this bill moves forward, many are hoping that an equivalent provision for nurse visas are included in the final version.

At this time, we can only hope that efforts to enact this bill will be fruitful.

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Anonymous said...

hi, can i ask if have license in the state of vermont or new you really have to work there for at least a year or so? do the state of vermont and new mexico have those laws that prevent nurses from using thier state as an easy passage way to obtain a license and that is why they are requiring you to work in their state? can you explain further about the "reciprocity" issue. thanks and more power.

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