Friday, February 1, 2008

IVT seminar in Martinez Memorial Hospital

A reader shares us that Martinez Memorial Hospital in Kalookan is still accepting applicants for its March IVT seminar. Call to inquire about the requirements (632)288-8861 and apply in person. I'm not sure if the hospital or the college is conducting the seminar, but a short phone call should resolve this question.

Another reader tells us that the hospital is conducting the training. You can also call this number 285-5091. Thanks for the tip.

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Anonymous said...

hi Sir...

ano ba mga requirements para sa IVT training sa mga different hospitals? Currently I'm a newly registered nurse... and all I have was only TOR(transcript of record), Board rating, and possible the certification from PRC... Pls help me... Pwede ba ako magapply miski wala pa ang license?
Thanks Sir

Geoff said...

Most will only accept a PRC license card before they allow you to join the IVT seminar, but check with the hospital, they might let you join even with just a certification.

Anonymous said...

hi! Does anyone knows the contact numbers of ANSAP or the location of their offices in metro manila aside from Lourdes Hospital?

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