Monday, July 2, 2007

Nursing jobs in Saudi

I received an e-mail last week from a local recruiter who informed me that an employer from Saudi was coming over to interview local applicants starting July 4. I don't know a lot about the recruiter, except that they're listed with the POEA, where the jobs board listed a link to the recruiter's Web site. If you're thinking about dealing with this company, I'd suggest you do your own research because I really can't help you with that.

Working as a nurse in Saudi is not for everyone, but despite the torments of working in this Arabic state with its scorching sun and its tightly wound regulations, many Filipino nurses still brave the elements and pursue work opportunities there. A few of my friends are in the Middle East--one is a female nurse in Saudi, while the others are scattered in U.A.E.--and they've all had rewarding experiences despite the hardships. There are horror stories, a lot of them actually, and you see one or two in the news almost everyday, but there are success stories as well, it's just that they don't get as much media coverage.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Geoffe
Let me Conratulate you for this wonderful website for nurses.It is really informative and we nurses from King Khalid Hopsital here in Jeddah are frequent visitor and your site is one of our favoites.
Could you send/post tips on how to pass toefl ibt.
Thanks and more power to you.

Geoff said...

Glad you asked... I was already planning to write something about reviewing for TOEFL iBT. Wait for that in the next few days or so. Thanks.

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